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Online Short Application

Applications must be submitted by registration deadline to be considered, and include the following:

1. Completed and signed application, including identification form.  Two  forms if identification.

2.  Official high school transcript including/GED certificate OR  official College/University transcripts.

3.  A 1-page handwritten paper addressing

"Why I am interested in being a phlebotomist"

4.   Registration fee(s)*

These medical programs provide the educational environment and experiences necessary for a student to prepare for employment in the said field.

The program graduate will have the knowledge and skills needed to assist during the delivery of care and to perform supportive laboratory and business office procedures in an effective and professional manner.

*non-refundable fee




Email Address*

Last 4*


Do you have a high school diploma or GED?*

Describe all education completed. Submit copies of final transcripts from all indicated institutions to

Have you ever beenon probation, suspended, dismissed from, or refused readmission at any college or university?*

In case of emergency please contact:*

Tutoring Review Options*

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