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Our Partners

We partner with recreational centers, medical facilities, housing authorities, local business leaders, schools, churches, laboratories, and community centers, as well as surrounding parishes of northeast Louisiana and southern Arkansas, to ensure that the education our students receive fulfills our community needs.

All Family Wellness Center

All Family Wellness Center is a dynamic and innovative healthcare facility poised to revolutionize the delivery of primary care services in Arlington, Texas. With a mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate healthcare to individuals and families in the community, we are committed to promoting health and wellness for all.

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Youth are our future.  In a continued effort to promote and support diverse learning styles and educational access disadvantages we collaborate to ensure the gap closes. (e.g. After-school tutoring, SEC, Community Service, mentorship, and more)

Resilient Children

Children Advocacy

We fully stand together because of their vision and the mission to accomplish this for each of our participants.  

We envision a world where every person is empowered to be all that they were created to be, regardless of the zip code in which they happen to live. 

Mission: Dismantling the root causes of injustices affecting marginalized communities.

Alliance for Greater Works

Resource Center/Leadership Training

Our mission is to hold the mirror up for women and men, to show that they are equipped with everything they need INSIDE to head toward success and acquire it.  We collaborate to ensure the overall well-being of the individual(s) can be cared for.

Transformation Centers

Life and Wellness Coaching

Our Mission

 We are committed, through collaborations, to serving, teaching, inspiring, and advocating for skilled and unskilled participants. 

Our Experiences

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